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A few step away from Faubourg Saint-Antoine,

treize is the new made to measure studio.

Different ways to feel good and look good

melting and crossing each other at your will

Yoga, Pilates and functionnal tailored for your well being.


Un professeur de Yoga et de Pilates démontre la posture du side angle devant un grafitti sur les quais près de Bastille à Paris.



Feel good and don't bother

Not sure love lasts forever ?

no problem, at treize, there is no subscription.

And because love is all about listening, to make things last at least a bit, we listen to your needs and will. You choose the right time for you, you choose what practice you feel like doing, and with whom you want to share it (or not, it is fine to be selfish too).

Solo, duo or small group up to 6 participants.

Yoga, Pilates, Functionnal or a mix of these.

Just choose a slot in the available planning (or try to ask for a slot outside of the planning if you need, we are all about compromise), and… we meet, love at first sight, we follow each other on Instagram and you get to hear about all our special events.

Enfant au téléphone - contacter studio Yoga Pilates Bastille


Merci ! Message envoyé.

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